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Composite Decks

Are you looking for a custom deck made of composite materials in Rowlett, Texas? We build one-of-a-kind decks designed to enhance your home and your needs! Our dream decks include expansive, wrap-around decks, and small backyard decks for entertaining or lounging. Designs are created using your home’s unique specifications which Rowlett families have enjoyed since 2011. 

Here are some great reasons to choose composite decking:

  • Composite decking is extraordinarily durable! Made with some synthetic materials, they don’t bend, crack, or warp in Rowlett weather condition and water doesn’t do any damage. They’re free of splinters, insect-proof, and durable which makes them a great choice for active families with pets and kids.
  • Weather resistance is built right into composite decking materials! No need to worry about rot or the warping that results. These decks stand up to sunshine, heavy humidity, and rain and you’ll never have to worry about termites making a nest in your deck. 
  • Composite decking is safe for everyone! Kids can run on the deck in their bare feet and you don’t have to worry about splinters, because composite materials remain smooth throughout their lifespan. It’s comfortable to walk and play on when friends and family come for a visit. 
  • The lifespan of composite decks is expansive as the materials come with a 20- to 25-year warranty and you can expect long-lasting, worry-free enjoyment for 30 years.  
  • Composite decks are low maintenance. That means there’s no need to re-stain or re-paint your deck after sanding. To keep it looking its best, simply sweep it off and use soap and water to clean it throughout the season. This will save you time and money over the years thanks to minimal maintenance needs.  
  • Composite decks carry long-term value. The materials cost more than wood or other decking materials but once the initial investment has been covered, the costs of having your deck go down as the costs of maintaining your deck are low and these decks last a long time.  
  • Composite decking is ecologically sound since it makes use of materials that would wind up in our landfills. Instead, they are recycled and used to build a gorgeous structure!  

Composite Deck Choices Have Experienced Explosive Growth

When composite decks first entered the market, there weren’t many different choices but in the past ten years, that number has grown from just 10 choices to 50! In central Texas and in Rowlett in particular, homeowners are loving the new options. Even if you buy the best materials, your deck won’t look great unless you find an experienced builder who knows how to deliver a high-quality deck. Rowlett Decks and Patio Covers delivers great results with every project they take on!

Rowlett Decks and Patio Covers' Mission

At Rowlett Decks and Patio Covers, the focus is on building decks that require little maintenance and that stay in peak condition for a long time. That’s why we believe in the composite decks we build as this material doesn’t need staining or painting and won’t rot or splinter throughout its lifetime. 

The backyard deck is an American tradition with scenes of napping in a hammock or gathering for a cookout abundant in our photos and news stories! In the past, many homeowners decided against adding this outdoor space due to the high maintenance costs but with composite decking materials, that obstacle no longer exists.  

Wood and plastic are combined in boards that look like wood. The wood materials include wood fiber, chips, and sawdust, byproducts from other manufacturing projects while the plastic used is all waste. This combination makes composite materials a solid ecological choice.  

Depending on the specific manufacturer of the composite materials, preservatives and/or pigment may be added. The ingredients are mixed, heated, and pressed into lengths of board. Once cooled, they weigh more than a typical board of the same dimensions. 



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