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Deck Repairs

A deck installation, whether wood or composites, requires regular maintenance and the lack of it can result in serious wear and tear. Deck materials are subject to rot, suffer water damage, or discoloration because of sunlight, insect attacks and exposure to weather elements. Some of the damage to the deck installation might be cosmetic but further degradation can lead to injuries. 

Here are some of the problems that your deck might face with time. 

  • Is the wood cracked, loose, or rotten? 
  • Are the boards too pliant?
  • Are the handrails loose?
  • Are the concrete footings and support posts old and weak?
  • Are you experiencing erosion or drainage issues because of the deck installation in your home?
  • Is there an infestation of vermin or rodents causing issues?

Signs That You Need To Repair Your Deck

  1. Wobbly Decks 

With time, your deck will become wobbly as the support beams become old, weak, or start settling in the ground. Minimal settling is not problematic but if it’s too excessive, this will put a strain on the support beams. Your deck will collapse without the extra support! Some of the signs of settling include a wobbly, slanted, or uneven deck.  

  1. Insect Infestation 

If the wood used for the deck is improperly treated or totally untreated, you’re likely going to experience an insect infestation. This can include ants, woodworms, wood borer, and termites. You need to replace the infected pieces and treat the insect infestation to avoid more problems in the future!

  1. Degradation Due To Exposure To Weather Elements  

Decks often suffer degradation because of exposure to weather elements with issues like discoloration, scuffing, rotting, and moss. Over time the wood may start rotting which can bring about splinters. With splinters popping up, the surface becomes much tougher to clean and eventually your deck can become dingy and damp.

Continued exposure to weather elements can also result in water damage. If the feet of the deck are in water for a prolonged time, the wood will start rotting causing the deck to collapse on itself. That’s why you need to consider getting your deck repaired or replaced.

Discoloration is yet another effect of deck exposure to weather elements. The surfaces will start fading, forcing you to re-stain and reseal the deck to ensure uniformity. The overall effects of exposure to weather elements is mostly determined by the climate of the area.  

Durable Patio, Deck And Porch Repair

At Rowlett Decks & Patio Covers, we’re ready to fix any of these deck issues along with many more! Call us now and make an appointment with our top deck repair experts. We’ll make a visit to your home, check the damage, and handle the necessary repairs. We can guarantee that after our repairs, your deck will be beautiful again, safe to use, and durable.  

We have enough experience to handle any deck repairs as well as repairs of patio covers and other wood-built structures. Once we’re done with the repairs, we’ll repaint the deck and stain it. Some of the deck repair services we offer include:  

  • Board replacement 
  • Railing replacement 
  • Grading and drainage issues
  • Footing installation
  • Stair replacement 
  • Screen and window repair

Call us now for any deck repair, maintenance and installation issues! 



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