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Although we recommend synthetic and composite railings and decking, we understand that it doesn’t always fit in with everyone’s budget or style! If that’s true for you, then you should consider the classic wood option which is the most affordable way to build a great deck. Keep reading about the benefits a wood deck has to offer.  

Wood is the definition of natural and classic when it comes decking! Everything else is simply trying to mimic the look of natural wood. Wood decks are the most traditional and widely-used decking material full of irresistible warmth and beauty, especially when you use higher quality grades like western red cedar, pressure-treated pine, or a clear grade kiln-dried following treatment. Wood provides a genuine warmth that cannot be duplicated by synthetic materials.

Unlimited options – Wood is available in a wide range of treatments, sizes, and grades

Pressure-treated pine is proven to provide long-term protection against termite attack, fungal decay, and rot and cedar is frequently selected for its beauty and elegance. Cedar has natural resistance against insect damage and decay, but it doesn’t match pine’s durability.   

Unlimited design potential – Combining composites and wood is an approach that we use for those with smaller budgets. By blending products carefully where it really counts, we can provide you with the best of both worlds with no compromises to style or structural integrity. When composite decking is used along with high-quality wooden rails, it can eliminate the maintenance hassles of wood decking while still using natural wood railings that are less abused and exposed.   

Unlimited coloring and staining options – The selection of various kinds of wood, paint, sealers, and stain that are available for your project offers you an amazing variety of options for designing your ideal deck while composite offerings can be limited. When it’s time, you can renew and refinish the wood decking to extend the lifespan and bring the wood’s natural beauty back to life!  

Care and maintenance – Although high-quality wood provides your deck with natural beauty and warmth that synthetic decking simply cannot match, in the long run it doesn’t always provide the most ideal results. With the proper maintenance programs, wood can in fact be durable and long-lasting but even with the best upkeep and care, it can’t match the occurrence of natural wood. Besides the limited lifetime warranty that pressure-treated has against termite attack, fungal decay, and rot, wood doesn’t have any warranty against weather effects or inherent natural properties. Those attributes may include effects on the physical properties of wood such as warping, twisting, cupping, crooking, bowing, raised grain, grain separation, splitting, checking, swelling, and shrinkage.  

Traditional Pressure-Treated Decks

When properly maintained, pressure-treated wood is able to last for as long as 15 years. Pressure-treated wood is the most common and least expensive type of decking with the majority of pressure-treated wood coming from Southern Yellow Pine that splinters quickly when it’s not maintained properly.  

Pressure-treated wood gets infused with various preservative chemicals in order to prevent insect infestation and rot in decks and other exterior applications. The treatment process begins with a large pile of lumber being placed in a “retort,” which is a big cylindrical chamber that has an airtight door. Waterborne chemicals are forced, under pressure, into the wood. Pressure-treated lumber is perfect for a deck since it has a useful and long lifespan and costs a lot less compared to other options. 

Wood is the most common and original decking option and natural wood feels good on bare feet and is very strong. It also frequently warps, splinters, and rots and must be cleaned on a regular basis. Although all wood weathers naturally to gray, it needs to be cleaned and re-stained every two or three years so that it continues to look its best.  

If you’re a homeowner who is concerned with the longevity and economy of your deck, Rowlett Decks & Patio Covers, the leading deck company in Rowlett, recommends that you choose pressure-treated wood for your deck! You can stain it according to your personal preference and its durable enough to be able to resist abuse. A limited lifetime warranty comes with your new deck as well.  

The major disadvantage with pressure-treated decking is that it’s not very dimensionally stable due to being cut from pine. It tends to warp, split, crack, and swell and is surprisingly heavy when wet. Also, pressure-treated decking needs routine maintenance, which includes yearly power washing and applying a clear wood preservative or a stain every two to three years. 



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