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Nothing is more quintessentially Texas than entertaining outdoors or hosting a BBQ in your backyard! The summer heat in Rowlett can rapidly diminish the enjoyment of you and your guests at any outdoor event. No one wants to sit under a blazing sun while waiting for the food to finish sizzling on the BBQ.  Fortunately, there’s a simple solution! 

Patio covers in Rowlett boost the enjoyment factor of your outdoor parties by providing welcome cover from the summer sun! Over the past decade, outdoor entertaining has boomed and many newly constructed homes come with a patio cover already in place but for homeowners who don’t have a shady outdoor patio previously installed, there are options! 

It’s not difficult to add a patio cover to your home in Rowlett but a professional should be hired to get the job done right. The patio cover that you build should fit with the landscaping that’s already in place and the overall design of your existing home. A professional outdoor living contractor can provide these design choices plus deliver construction that meets safety standards that will stand the test of time.  

Rowlett Decks and Patio Covers sources high-quality building supplies and has the expertise to get the job done safely and correctly. We work to provide creative designs that enhance the look of your home while bringing comfort and hospitality. You can expect your backyard space to be optimized when the job is done and in addition, our experience helps to keep costs down for a surprisingly affordable price! 

If you’re ready to build an outdoor covered patio space, do your research and you’ll find that Rowlett Decks and Patio Covers has been delivering beautiful backyards to Rowlett residents since its founding in 2011! We pride ourselves on our reputation as a reputable, experienced patio building contractor in Rowlett, TX.  

Patio Cover Types To Consider

Open Gable Patio Cover 

Open gable patio covers maximize the amount of light in your covered patio and are built with a vaulted ceiling in the front so they feel spacious. Finishes include exposed rafters, tongue-in-groove planks, reclaimed wood, and other options! We’ll work with you to determine the best finish to complement your home’s exterior and style. 

Shed Style Patio Cover 

A gentle slope is featured in the single plane that makes up the ceiling of the shed style patio cover. This works well when the pitch of your home’s roof is also gentle offering you a logical transition from indoor to outdoor space. But, don’t worry, because we’ll work with you to help you make the right choice for your unique home! 

Hip And Ridge Patio Cover 

All slides slope downward on this patio cover just like they do on more traditional homes. This style is versatile and works well for standalone structures or attached patios! 

Drop Ceiling Patio Cover 

If you don’t want the angles of your patio cover to show, consider adding a secondary ceiling, otherwise known as a drop ceiling! You can add this option to any of the patio cover choices depending on what feeling you want as you enter the space. Some customers prefer the intimacy of a dropped ceiling instead of the openness of designs without this option.  

Ideas For Patio Covers 

Patio covers lend themselves to customization. Once you’ve chosen the materials, it’s time to configure your space to meet your needs! Maybe you want to design a cozy reading space or room for a boisterous party, whatever you want to design, it’s all up to you! Free estimates are available for customers who seek clearly defined spaces in their design. 

Other options include interior posts covered in brick, recessed lighting, or built-in cabinetry. Patio cover designs begin as plain spaces, but they don’t have to end there! Take time to wander through some of our previous projects. If you see an option that you like, we can start there and design your unique addition.  

The Patio Cover Building Process 

Some of our customers know exactly what they want in a patio cover when they walk through our doors while others aren’t yet committed. At Rowlett Decks and Patio Covers, we provide all types of solutions. Know what you want? We’ll figure out how to get there! Not sure what you need? We’ll show you examples and offer options to zero in on the patio cover that will make you happy!

Customer satisfaction is important to us and is the main reason we’ve stayed in business and grown over the years! In your initial quote, the cost of inspections and permits is included so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises for you as the work nears completion. We use high-quality materials and hire experienced staff so our patio covers will last you for years without extra worry. 

Patio Cover Contractors In Your Local Area

Your property is enhanced by a solidly built, well-designed patio cover in your backyard. Not only will your home go up in price, but your quality of life also improves once you have a beautiful space to live outdoors! Rowlett Deck and Patio Covers is here for you when you are ready for professional installation. Our estimates are always free and it is our pleasure to serve you!



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