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During the warm spring and summer months in Rowlett, you’ll enjoy the outdoors much more when you have shade to help you cool down during the day! The custom designs of our pergolas and gazebos are perfect for hosting backyard weddings or just a family get-together. If your property overlooks the water, one of these structures will turn your yard into a stunning masterpiece!

We can enhance an existing patio or porch with gazebo awnings and once our shade structures are installed on your property, you have protection from the elements year-round. We work to be sure that these elements masterfully blend with your existing house and landscaping!

Outdoor Shade Structure Building Types: Pavilion, Gazebo, Pergola, and Arbor

There isn’t one particular type of outdoor building that works well for every yard. Depending upon the setting, you may want to choose a pavilion instead of an arbor and knowing the difference between these will help you make the right choice. While similar, each of these has distinctive characteristics. 

How Do Pergolas And Arbors Differ?

Both of these structures are built using a lattice framework. A lattice framework creates a grid in a diamond or square pattern using strips of vinyl or wooden strips. Many people think they are the same type of building because of this, but they have different uses in your yard which lead to key changes in how they’re built. 


Arbors are built with lattices and often have arched roofs. They are used at the entrances to gardens and are often found along garden paths to add shade within the planted areas. Arbors are often decorated with vines or other climbing plants which makes them perfect locations for wedding pictures They add shade and enhance the look of a garden.  

What Are Arbors Used For?

Arbors are used along paths to keep people on the path and not stray onto the grounds. As they offer shade, they are a good place to gather and are very popular at wedding venues!


The primary difference between an arbor and a pergola is the size. Pergolas are much larger than arbors and provide larger shaded areas in any outdoor space. The roof is also made of a lattice and these structures can be large enough to host an entire party. Since the roof is made of lattice, sun can stream through so shade structures may be added to the building. 

What Are Pergolas Used For?

Pergolas are large enough to include chairs and even tables, so they are the perfect shaded area to host a party. The walls are made with posts so many owners add hanging baskets to decorate the space. Lights and decorations are also simple to add because of this buildings characteristics. 

How Do Gazebos And Pavilions Differ?

Both a gazebo and its cousin, a pavilion, have solid roofs which is why they are often mistaken for one another. The differences are described in the next sections. 


Gazebos do have a solid roof but their sides are partially open to allow for airflow throughout the structure. These openings can be screened to keep the bugs out and they are often screened. They have distinctive shapes and are often built as ovals or octagons however, rectangular designs are not uncommon. They may have a wooden floor or rest on a concrete slab. 

What Are Gazebos Used For?

Gazebos are used as a focal point in backyard designs. They are easily decorated and provide plenty of shade during the hot afternoons. From an architectural point-of-view, gazebos fill a previously empty landscape with life. 


Like the gazebo, a pavilion has a solid roof but the sides are open and they don’t have a floor, instead standing directly on the ground. Depending upon the size of the pavilion, there may be four to six posts that support it and these posts may be attached to a wooden deck, stone patio, or a slab of concrete. Pavilions are generally rectangular in shape and aren’t found as a free-standing structure as gazebos often are. 

If you can’t be sure if you are looking at a pavilion or a pergola, pay attention to the roof. Pergolas have lattice roofs while pavilions feature a solid roof!  

What Are Pavilions Used For?

Pavilions don’t stand-alone like gazebos do, so they’re frequently used when the view is of the utmost importance. They generally sit next to a building and leave an unobstructed view of the surrounding scenery. 



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